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Amaranth Designs Annual Heart Sweater Charity Campaign

Amaranth Designs Annual Heart Sweater Charity Campaign has selected Family Services Regina as our charity for 2021.  

Children's Mental Health Week is May 3rd - 9th 2021.  This year's theme is #getreal.  

The pandemic and ongoing restrictions continue to test our resilience. Many, if not all, families are coping with increased stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and fear, as the variants of concern and the third wave of the pandemic create new worries and challenges.

A lot has been expected of children and adolescents as they have adjusted to the uncertainty of school closures, online learning, social distancing, and being cut off from social activities and seeing friends in person. Parents, guardians, and caregivers are feeling the strain of home-schooling while working from home, working in essential services, or, in too many cases, losing jobs and having to manage financial stress. Many families are struggling to cope, separated from their support networks outside their households, navigating a new virtual world that just isn’t quite the same. Together, the world is feeling shared grief, emotional exhaustion, and burnout. In some cases this has lead to new or worsening mental health concerns. Some children and youth are feeling this as symptoms of depression and anxiety, which can look like sadness, irritability, restlessness, nervousness, tension, fear, or even withdrawn behaviour. With everyone’s heightened stress level some children and youth may also be exposed to increased conflict at home that may include substance use, separation or divorce, or exposure to various forms of abuse. Simply put, many children and youth are struggling.

Family Services Regina offers access to counseling services to individuals, youth, and families for mental health concerns that include anxiety, depression, addictions, suicidal ideation, stress, relationship conflict, separation and divorce, and parenting. There is most certainly an increased need for these supports in our community right now and Family Services Regina supports youth, children, and families to develop hope, confidence, and resilience. Amaranth Designs is proud to support this community- and family-oriented organization, most especially during this difficult time for the world.



(Written by Dr. C. MacCauley)