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Wear Your heart on more than just your sleeve!

It’s once again Mental Health Week here in Canada (May 2-8, 2022), and I am doing my part to spread the message and support some of the folks doing the work right here at home.

This is the third year for the Amaranth Designs Annual Heart Sweater Charity Campaign, and we are once again supporting the work of Family Service Regina. They provide many different kinds of counselling for families, couples, and individuals of all ages, including Thrive Rapid-Access Counselling which offers rapid-access help at no cost.

The conversation around mental health seems to be getting a little easier and a little louder each time I run this fundraiser, and I hope this is true again in 2022. It can feel overwhelming to think of how we can help such a widespread issue, especially since most of us aren’t trained counsellors. But we can all offer empathy—which is the theme the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) chose for this year’s mental health week.

When the people we care about are struggling, it can be tempting to try to help them “solve” whatever they’re going through, but often what they need most is someone to simply make them feel seen and heard. Any one of us can be that person. If you’re still not sure how you can help with that, the CMHA has a series of articles on how you can build your listening and empathy skills, to help you support your loved ones and community.

My annual heart-themed designs are my way of reminding those around us that we are here for them in word and deed because all the proceeds from every sweater sold go to Family Service Regina. Our charity sweaters are a signal that you’re willing to put funds directly toward community care. It can also be a great conversation starter to check in on each other and practice those empathy skills.

I hope you’ll join me in this show of love to our community; you never know who your support might help with this one simple act.

For 2022 I went with an extra-comforting poncho-style design, in two colours. The neutral colours make this a perfect choice to throw over any outfit. You can keep it in your office or your car for when you need that extra layer, or take a comfy pair of leggings up a notch for errands—or just lazing around at home.

The support for this campaign the past two years has blown me away; our community really knows how to step up for one another. I hope to once again spend my May filling orders from all you amazing people. The fundraiser will run for the whole month, and what better way to #GetReal about mental health than to get funds to those helping people in our community every day?

You can support the 2022 the Amaranth Designs Annual Heart Sweater Charity Campaign from anywhere, at any time this month. Visit my website to get your sweater today.