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The three easiest ways to add excitement to your wardrobe

octobre 05, 2021

The three easiest ways to add excitement to your wardrobe
The three easiest ways to add excitement to your wardrobe

What colour is your fall wardrobe? This tends to be the time of year where we lean toward deeper shades: lots of blacks, greys and navys. It’s like we can’t help mimicking the colours appearing outside as the seasons change. A good base of neutral pieces in your wardrobe ensures you’re ready for just about anything—the little black dress is a classic for a reason—but relying too heavily on neutrals can make for a drab and dull wardrobe.

Thankfully, there’s a big spectrum between funeral director and aerobics instructor. And of course, Amaranth Designs has a fantastic selection of items to help you find the balance.

There are three quick and relatively easy ways to add a little excitement to your wardrobe—without abandoning your standbys.

  1. Incorporate textures

One of the quickest ways to break up the monotony of a neutral wardrobe is to add new textures. The way a fabric looks and feels is my top consideration when starting new collections, and the fall and winter season is full of interesting and cozy texture choices.

I named my latest collection Sweater Weather for good reason! It’s the perfect time of year to add texture through chunky knits, ribbed fabric, and comforting outerwear. Even a little bit of suede or leather can make a monochromatic outfit pop; think shoes, lapels, and belts. All these textures are a perfect bridge between casual and formal, so you really have room to play.

When we’re thinking of fancier wear (hello holiday parties), there are still plenty of options. Satin and silk are the obvious formal fabrics, but don’t miss out on opportunities to wear some luxurious velvet and exciting sparkles. ‘Tis the season for a good sequin.  

  1. Add a print

I absolutely love a good print. Personally, I’m partial to a floral, but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea and doesn’t always work in cooler weather. Luckily, the world of prints has something for everyone.

Plaid is the obvious cool-weather pattern, and goes way beyond the tartan and ginghams we’re all familiar with. What about some houndstooth? The latest collection has a jacket that works with all your outfits but goes beyond the standard black peacoat.

This is also a perfect time of year to add some animal print. Don’t be afraid—it won’t bite! More and more people are treating animal prints like a neutral. Whether it’s a leopard’s spots or scales of snakeskin, these prints are a great way to add a little extra to your outfit.  

If you’re somewhere between the structure of stripes and plaids and the wild side of animal prints, abstract patterns might be perfect. They can range from ink splotches and brush strokes to something that flirts with a more structured pattern. Either way, it’s another chance to mix things up.

  1. Find your accent colour

While nature is stripping back to browns and greys for winter, this is also a good time of year to find an accent colour to make your closet pop. The fall is full of rich reds and oranges, and winter is perfect for deep blues and greens.

But don’t feel like you need to cover the full colour spectrum; you can start with one accent colour and build from there. The palette for the Sweater Weather collection is a perfect example. I used lots of black and grey (and patterns and textures!), but also added a little bit of teal. That rich greenish blue hue is perfect for the holiday season, and it is versatile enough to fit in with both the deep neutrals and the jewel tones that emerge every year around this time.

Find the colour that works with your wardrobe and style. It might be teal, red, pink, or even yellow. From there, you can expand to different shades and tints of the same colour (burgundy to poppy red, navy to baby blue), or finding a colour family that you really love (jewel tones, fall hues).

You can spice up your basic wardrobe in plenty of ways, and I hope these three basic ideas help you refresh your closet this season. You can visit my website and find plenty of options to get started today, especially in the Sweater Weather collection!

I will be at Our Best to in Regina November 11-13, and would love to see you!

Stay warm and I hope to see you soon!

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