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March 2021 - Have you ever had a piece of clothing designed just for you—from scratch?

février 28, 2021

March 2021 - Have you ever had a piece of clothing designed just for you—from scratch?

Have you ever had a piece of clothing designed just for you—from scratch? Chances are you haven’t, even for those big occasions: graduations, weddings, conferences and galas. Maybe you didn’t realize it was an option. Maybe you thought it was easier to buy off the rack. Maybe you assumed it would be too expensive. I hope that changes after today, because I’m about to give you the goods on custom design!

Let’s start with price: Most people assume custom design is outrageously expensive, but it’s often the same price as buying a mediocre garment off the rack and then altering it. Sure, you can make that work, but why not spend your money on something that is made for you with care, dedication, and detail at every step?

I always take your budget into consideration for custom garments and can guide you toward choices that help you make the most of what you’re planning to spend. These two factors have the biggest influence on the final price:

  • Fabric—A high-end silk is going to cost you a lot more than a synthetic fabric.
  • Design—A basic silhouette is simpler and less expensive to make than something with a lot of added detail and hand work.

These two factors can also have a big impact on the timeline, which is why I suggest booking at least three to four months in advance for custom pieces. That gives us time for the consultation and measurements, a draft piece in muslin (to check fit without using the expensive fabric!), fittings, and the creation of the final garment, including final fittings to get it just right.

It might seem like a complicated process, but the first consultation is where it all starts to come together. This is where we will talk about what you have in mind, what fabric options are available, and of course, your budget. That helps me give you an accurate estimate.

And don’t feel like you need to have the design in your head already to get a custom piece made! It might begin with a photo or just an idea—or something you already have. I’ve asked clients to bring in their favourite garment or a design they love, that makes them feel their best. With more than 20 years’ experience, I can combine several ideas into a cohesive final product and give you the advice to get a gorgeous end result.

You might even end up with a different design than you imagined at first, because I take all the elements into consideration when designing your special look.

  • The occasion
  • Your role in the event
  • The location
  • The season, weather, and time of year
  • What colours work for you
  • What others may be wearing
  • Your body shape
  • Comfort and wearability

I want you to look your best in an outfit that matches the occasion while flattering your best assets—especially if we can make it versatile enough to wear again. My fashion collections are designed to transition to different occasions, and my custom pieces are no different. It might take some small alterations after the event, but I’d rather make you a piece that you can show off again (without showing anyone up!) instead of having it languish at the back of your closet.

Which is why a custom garment for your special occasion may be a great investment that’s good for your pocketbook, your storage space, and the environment. What better way to remember a special day than to be able to wear the outfit again and again? It’s like a new celebration every time!

If you know there’s a special event on the horizon for you, I’d love to help you create the perfect garment—for the day and for years to come! Send me an email and we can start discussing it in plenty of time.


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