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3 Ways Amaranth Designs Helps You Celebrate Earth Day with Your Closet

April 02, 2021

3 Ways Amaranth Designs Helps You Celebrate Earth Day with Your Closet

3 Ways Amaranth Designs Helps You
Celebrate Earth Day with Your Closet

When we think of Earth Day, we might think of some of the obvious changes we can make: reducing plastics, making better power choices, using green products, even recycling. But what if your clothing choices can make a difference too?

I really hate how fast fashion is filling our landfills and ruining the environment. The production of these cheap clothes pollutes the soil, water, and air—and generates literally tons of waste, between the inefficient use of fabric in production and the short lifespan of the final product.

It's important to me that Amaranth Designs reduce its environmental impact wherever possible. In celebration of Earth Day later this month, I thought I should share the three main ways I do that in my business.

1: Fabrics

First, I choose fabrics that are better for the environment to begin with. I buy organic cotton or bamboo and other natural fabrics where I can. When I buy better fabrics, it means less pollution and waste—but never lower quality. My designs look and feel great. No stiff or scratchy fabric here!

Then I aim for zero waste on the fabric I buy. I lay out patterns to make the most of what I have, and then resell the big leftovers or recycle the small pieces. Yes, fabric recycling—I send my leftover fabric scraps to a company that uses them as filler for dog beds!

2: Versatile pieces that last

Good fabric and good construction means Amaranth Designs pieces last a long time. You get what you pay for with fast fashion; the fabric pills and stretches or shrinks, while the seams are prone to coming apart. Before you know it, that cheap sweater is in the rag pile…or even worse, the garbage.

I focus on quality and value, so my pieces keep their shape, are easy to care for, and look great season after season, wash after wash.

It's always been my goal to create convertible pieces that transition from day to night, clothes you want to wear to all your activities. Instead of a closet jammed with a bunch of pieces that you can only wear to specific places or occasions, I can help you build a smaller wardrobe that makes it easy to go from the office to the hockey rink, or from brunch to the grocery store. And when the time comes to travel again, versatile pieces make it easier to get your on-the-go wardrobe into your carry-on; lighter luggage means burning less fuel, and no baggage fees or lost luggage!

3: Alterations and tailoring to extend the life of existing pieces

When I talked about alterations and tailoring in February, I mentioned that these services can help you give an old piece a new life. You might have something in your closet that doesn’t quite fit right or is looking dated—instead of tossing it, we might be able to make some changes that turn it into a new favourite. Even small changes can have a big impact, so why not give it a try?

When you give older clothes—your own collection, something thrifted, or a vintage pieces—a second chance, you keep them out of the landfill and save the resources that would go into producing a new garment. Double the sustainability and right in line with my goal to make sure you never find yourself accidentally wearing the same outfit as someone else!


So, there you have it: How you can make your fashion more sustainable with Amaranth Designs!

If the promise of spring has you thinking about some wardrobe updates, check out all the designs on my newly updated website:

This black floral dress is a perfect pop of colour that will get you through until the real blooms are out:

I’m loving the twist tops lately, too:

And this kimono is a perfect piece for those spring days that start chilly but make a jacket too heavy by the afternoon—plus it’s on sale!:

In fact, my sale selection is looking pretty good right now, so see if you can get a spring wardrobe refresh while you save some cash and the environment:

Happy spring and happy shopping!

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