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Amaranth Designs brings classic, timeless, and comfortable clothing to every woman's busy life. We make getting dressed the easiest part of your day. With excellent fit, function and comfort, every woman starts their day feeling their VERY best! Our collections are designed with the busy woman in mind. Our pieces transition from work to play and from day to evening. 

What you will discover about Amaranth Designs is that we use only the highest quality fabrics. We pay attention to every little detail. We create those must have pieces that fit your individual style, and we also create fashionable pieces that will last through multiple seasons. 

Amaranth Designs was established in Regina in 2000. We started out as a custom fashion design and alterations company and we have now added two collections per year, namely, Spring & Summer and Fall & Winter. 

The 2022 Spring/Summer collection is called ‘Breezy’.  Translated it means ‘appearing relaxed, informal, and cheerily pleasant’. What we are looking to add with this collection is those pieces that compliment what you already own.  Perhaps you have a special occasion you will be attending and need a new piece or want a new top to go with the pants you never wear.  This collection will assist you in filling in the voids in your wardrobe.

A wardrobe essential refers to the clothing that you must absolutely own. Usually, it is a simple and versatile piece that can be easily mixed and matched and dressed up or down.  We hope you find those pieces you were missing in this collection.  

The colour palette for this collection is mostly black and navy with a pop of colour and print. We chose to use black and navy as our main colours as they will take you through many seasons of wear.  We added pops of bright coral, yellow and royal blue to liven it up.  Polka dots are a favourite at Amaranth Designs, and you will see those making an appearance again this year.    

Our goal is always to design pieces that will be favourites in your closet to be worn for years to come. These designs are very easy to dress up or down. Amaranth Designs’ objective is to design and create garments that suit women of all ages and in every walk of life. 

We would like to thank Peter Scoular Photography for the images, Marny Duncan-Cary and Liz Duarte-Johnson for modeling for us.   


Amaranth Designs