Upcoming Spring Trends – Trend # 1

Crazy about Polka Dots!

Polka dots are one of the strongest trends for the coming season. It’s not just me saying this, I’ve seen plenty of ‘polka dots’ on the red carpet to fashion editorials that attest to the great return of the polka dot.

Whether lace or sequins, polka dots are all over the pages of my favourite magazines from Vogue UK to Marie Claire.

Dot cover

I love Polka Dots! They have a retro vibe and at the same time, it’s always current! They are a really great trend for the upcoming Spring/ Summer season. It seems that Polka Dots are always a great go-to. With that in mind, here are a few ways to incorporate the Polka Dot into your wardrobe.  Give it a try and have fun!!

Polka dot

Amaranth Designs’ Dress or Tunic are greats options to incorporate this trend!

Amaranth Designs Regina Spring & Summer 2015Amaranth Designs Regina Spring & Summer 2015

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