5 ‘Tips’ to help you look your best!

Strategizing a top-notch outfit requires less work than you think. With the right amount of preparation and creativity, consistently feeling good about what you’re wearing is totally doable.


  1. Plan ahead

I can’t stress enough how important this step is. Not only will it make your morning less chaotic, but also, you’re likely to get more creative when you have time to play with different combinations and actually try things on.

  1. Invest in Staple Pieces

If you give yourself a solid and stylish base for building outfits, you’re only setting yourself up for success. What is a staple? Perhaps it’s a black blazer, a button-down shirt, or even a pair of pants that fit like a glove.

  1. Include a third piece

I love this rule. Anytime you’re getting dressed, consider incorporating more than two pieces. The end result will most likely feel more polished, pulled together, and interesting.

  1. Accessorize Accessorize Accessorize

Sure, you won’t leave the house without your purse or shoes, but is your outfit really complete without accessories? For days when you’re feeling more minimal, you can quickly jazz it up with statement earrings or a cute pair of heels.

  1. Putting it all together:

Step 1 – Consider your logistics.

What will the weather be like? What will you be doing? For example will you need your outfit to be easy to move in? Will you need to wear or bring sensible shoes with you as you will be doing a lot walking etc.

Step 2 – Pick your base

This is of course after you have put on a well fitting and outfit appropriate under garments.

Your base would be your black pencil skirt or that favorite pair of jeans and your top.

Step 3 – Layers

This is where you would consider the weather and the occasion. Is this a casual outfit? Will you be wearing your favourite denim with a t-shirt? If so now would be a good time to add a crop jacket and a printed scarf or maybe a few bracelets and a long necklace.

If it’s dressy, perhaps you’ll pair your pencil skirt and blouse with a blazer and a brooch with earrings.

Step 4 – SHOES!!!

I may need a support group for this one. I have a love for all things footwear! A gal can’t have too many pairs of shoes, right? One needs to be prepared for all occasions. The shoes can make or break a ‘look’!

I sometimes dress from the shoes up!

The shoes you select should relate to the ‘mood’ you are trying to create. For example if you are trying to look professional and polished you may want to select a higher heel. If your look is casual you could get away with wearing a flat.


Step 5 – Accessorize

Accessorizing is the icing on the cake. It can change the ‘look’ of an outfit.

Determine which area of the body/outfit you want to accentuate or highlight and accessorize accordingly.

Don’t be afraid to layer. Accessorize using one larger accessory or layer smaller pieces together. This goes for bangles and bracelets as well.

Accessories can include jewelry, belts, bags, hats, glasses etc.