2016 Winter Trend Alert: LONGER COATS

If you think Mondays are long you haven’t seen the new coats  for 2015-2016 Fall/Winter. Oh they’re long.  I for one, am more than in love with the long coat trend.

We’re always together once it gets too chilly to walk outside without a coat.  We always go back and forth between types of coats.  Black coats don’t even need to be in for us to wear them, however this year it is all about the colour Marsala (Merlot, Burgundy or any of the other thousand descriptive words for this wonderful colour). Then it was the wrap coat, the military style, the short styles, the midi styles, and now… I’m guessing we’ll have a foot in the 70’s still, while another will slowly step into the 80’s fashions, hence the long coats. 

When I say long I mean way past midi. Think dramatic. Sophisticated.

That’s the style. That’s the look. In 2016 all we have to do is put our own spin on it. Personally I think long coats are way to go especially in our climate.


As much as I adore black, when it comes to coats I love any other colour but black. The reason is because I think, with a few exceptions, black coats can be dull, can look dusty, old, and make you bland.

Long coats look best in camel, light greys, light neutral colours. A bit oversized, but not slouchy, unless you want to go for that hobo-chic style which is fantastic, wrap-style, or with a belt that you can effortlessly cinge at the waist, and personal favourite – collars you can pop up on those windy days.

This newest trend is both sophisticated and sexy for both day-time and evening. This can involves heels or boots, of all sorts, paired with dresses or pants, or a suit underneath that incredibly cozy cool long coat.

The great thing about long coats, aside from the above is the fact that they do keep us warmer, they do allow a lot of layers and lengths play, and they’re a statement yet classy piece that will never be out of style.

Pictured below is our version of a longer coat.

Car Coat (100% Virgin Wool)

Car Coat (100% Virgin Wool)

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